Some Energy Awareness Case Studies

Resolving A Life-Threatening Allergy 

When Stephen wrote the book, Eliminate Your Allergies, in 1985, he was responding to the large number of patients he was seeing in the Allergy Clinic, at the Institute For Advanced Health Research, who had been given 'life sentences' of avoiding certain foods in order to stay well or recover their health.

One such client was Tom B, from Norway, who had to carry adrenalin, at all times, in order to avoid going into anaphylactic shock through an accidental encounter with fish. Tom had been hospitalized more than once before. He was so sensitive, he could go into shock even through eating food that had been cooked in a pan in which fish had been prepared some days earlier.

After meeting Tom at the Allergy Clinic, we lost contact, and only became re-acquainted over 20 years later, when he found Life Energy Solutions on the internet. Since then, we have seen Tom on several occasions. He continues to have a good tolerance for fish. Tom sent us an email about our first encounter:

"In 1987 I was completely worn out by allergies and low energies.  I had tried several therapies and was rather disillusioned by the lack of results and high costs . . . I called The Institute for Advanced Health Research, and got an appointment for a few days later. That visit . . . changed my life! I was immediately a new person, full of energy and lack of allergies.

I had never been able to eat fish and I tested (just having the courage was a miracle!) eating salmon on the flight back to Norway without any reaction whatsoever . . . . I would not have been where I am today, if at all, without your help in the past. And I want you to know that probably nobody has had such an impact on my life as you have."                                                   Tom B. Norway

Tom was one of the 'lucky' ones. Even though we have seen thousands of people,
over the years, improve their food tolerance, the overall situation is now worse than it was in the 1980's. More people are experiencing more symptoms and diseases as environmental and body stresses - e.g. electromagnetic radiation, childhood vaccines, food additives, GM crops, etc. - increase. Unfortunately, the medical profession continues to remain largely disinterested - as a percentage of research investment - in the concept of food intolerance.

An Allergenic Ring

Margaret was paying £3000 ($4500) per year for 'desensitizing' injections, for her allergies. She had been house-bound for three years due to her extreme intolerance of traffic pollution, perfumes, fluorescent lights and a wide-range of other stressors commonly found in modern society.

Margaret was brought to the Allergy Clinic, by her sister. As soon as she entered Stephen's office, he noticed that Margaret's energy, particularly around her head, was being strongly contracted by a powerful environmental stress - a stress coming from a large gemstone ring on her finger! Margaret said she'd been wearing it, non-stop, for more than 3 years. Naturally, he asked her to remove it.

Margaret's health improved so rapidly, she called, three days later, to say she'd stopped the injections. Six months later, she was holding down a job, taking a second degree and going on holiday to Spain.

The difficulty, of course, for many people, with this story, is the ring. Even though it's not an uncommon concept in other cultures, we aren't taught that apparently inert objects in our environment could have any effect on our health. But in fact, we've seen countless cases of people suffering from chronic health problems, being strongly influenced by their environments in 'strange' ways. We even wrote a book on the subject - Hidden Secrets Of Real Health.

Flu And B Vitamins

A client recently told us she'd never fully recovered from the flu she'd had over three months ago. At Christmas, her doctor had told her to take B vitamins to strengthen her immune system. It only took 2 minutes to see that she was reacting to the B complex she was taking. The day after stopping it, her nausea ceased and her appetite returned. Two days later, all her flu symptoms had vanished.

People often believe that some things 'must' be good for them. In fact, nothing is certain. And B Complex intolerance is surprisingly common . . .

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