Fundamental Flaws With Allergy Testing

1 They are Unable To Detect Reactions In All Areas Of The Body

There all kinds of tests you can get for food allergies and intolerances - the  IgE (RAST), IgG (ELISA), Skin tests, DMSO testing, Cytotoxic testing, Kinesiology, FICA Process, Vega, Quantum, BEST, NEXT, dowsing, are just some.  However, as a despairing client - a well-known 'television doctor' and allergy specialist - once said, "none of them work!" What he meant was, he'd tried a lot of methods and was still reacting to foods. Obviously, these methods do help some people some of the time. To a certain extent.

But they all have one problem in common: they all interpret a very limited type of information. No matter whether the tests are based on blood, skin, muscles, electrical resistance at certain points, or any other such measure, the underlying assumption is that the part of your body used in the test will give a meaningful response for,  and can be generalised to, all of your body . . . which it sometimes can . . . but more often doesn't. For example, one allergy specialist concluded that skin patch tests are as accurate as, 'tossing a coin,' for determining inflammatory reactions to foods in internal organs .

So, if you're lucky enough to happen to get an allergy test that 'picks up' your particular reaction, you'll feel better when you avoid the culprit food or substance identified by that test. But many localised reactions are often missed. So the symptoms they are causing continue, even as you, the unfortunate client, are told that your symptoms aren't being caused by food allergies or intolerances - when in fact they are, but the test used simply didn't pick them up..

A FEAST food analysis is based on whole body energy awareness.
We have been teaching people how to develop this form of awareness, in our Body Tuning and Energy Awareness trainings, for almost 30 years. It is the only way to simultaneously observe reactions occurring in multiple organs, areas of the energy body, or levels (physical, emotional, mental, etc.) of the psycho-physical body.

2 They are Unable To Detect Positive Or Healing Foods

Foods aren't just 'negative' or 'neutral.' Some foods can help maintain your health, or even produce spectacular improvements in your health. Just knowing what foods are bad for you isn't enough. You also need to know which foods are particularly good for you. Then you can include more of these foods in your health maintenance or recovery regime.

3 You are always dependent on the person or company providing the allergy testing

After your FEAST, you can, if you wish (and we hope), develop your own awareness of your positive and negative foods, so that you can  consciously manage this important part of your life - what you eat.

4 Stable or Increasing Food Intolerances

The result of most traditional allergy testing is a recommendation to avoid certain foods - in perpertuity. Or to take complex, and expensive de-sensitising injections for years. Most people suffering food allergies or intolerances end up 'living' with them. Or even experience them increasing. With your FEAST, you will receive simple ways of starting to cultivate your energy to reduce your food sensitivities. We can't say you will eventually be able to handle every food that exists. But anyone who cultivates their energy persistently, is able to greatly reduce their food sensitivity over time. In fact, decreasing food sensitivities is one of the key markers of healing and progress on the road to recovery.

5 Too Expensive

Allergy testing can cost over £200 / $300. A FEAST currently costs less than £100 / $150

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